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Jonny N.

My life has changed in such an amazing way since meeting Jill.  I have learned how to manage my weight in an incredible way that has truly stuck, more than any other program I have tried.  Jill is amazing at finding the right fit.  I had a goal to lose 25-30 lbs which I have attained and have been able to maintain my new weight for the last 6 months. She learned my weaknesses and strengths and came up with a plan catered for me.  The plan was well thought out and well administered.  I was able to ask a million questions and always got a prompt response.  I learned about calories and how sneaky they can be.  I learned about the types of foods that worked best for my body.  The exercise was specifically catered to my physical abilities.  Jill truly cared about me and it showed throughout the program.  I have picked up some incredible daily staples in my diet thanks to Jill's fun menu options.  I am obsessed with overnight oats and PB&J smoothies to name a couple.  I recommend Optimum Nutrition Coaching to everyone.  Thanks for everything Jill.  

Linda F.

If you have ever considered a Nutrition Coach I highly recommend Jill Joseph and here’s why:


  • She’s dedicated 

  • A subject matter expert

  • Walks the talk

  • Kind and considerate to your needs.


I had never used a Nutrition coach before because I thought I could do it alone until I reached out to Jill.  First time in my entire life I saw true results!!


Not only did I see results but I have also learned to grocery shop better, make better choices when eating out and totally look at food differently now. It’s the educational part for me!  I’m so much wiser now when it comes to my meals and what I put in my body.  Jill makes the process very fun and you will walk away with a ton of information about food and great receipts that are so simple.  Jill's process is not confusing and inundated with too many details. That was a big selling point for me!  Just make it easy for me to understand and follow!  Again I highly recommend using Jill as your Nutrition Coach. You will not be sorry! 

Christie N.

Move along if you want a boring and unresourceful coach. Jill is definitely not for you. 


Jill is an incredible fitness & wellness coach. There are many reasons, but my top ones are: her knowledge (she explains the "why" with some serious science stats...if you want them), her resources (so many recipes & tools), and her sense of humor (yes - she can make all this healthy stuff humorous).


I trust Jill in all her health and wellness guidance. She has done the research. She practices what she preaches. She sincerely cares about helping you get healthier. Done.

Lindsey K.

Through Jill's expert guidance on nutrition and exercise, I have lost 20 pounds in a healthy and safe pace. Her upbeat personality shines through while she educated you on the science behind food and its effects on your body. Her focus isn't just on the WHAT but also the WHY. I am now in a normal BMI range, my cholesterol has dropped by 50 points, and I am the healthiest I've been in 20 years. I couldn't have done it without the guidance and support of Jill.

Frances M.

The thing that differentiates Jill from other coaches is that everything she does is based on best practice and science. In her fitness classes, she explains proper technique in a way that is memorable and even sometimes funny. This helps me do exercises correctly to avoid injury and get best results. Her nutrition knowledge is impeccable and evidence-based, and she knows what actually works, and what strategies will work for different people.

Sara N.

Jill’s approach is sensible, effective and sustainable.  This isn’t a quick, fad diet plan.  Instead, it’s a thoughtful change of approach to food and your relationship with it for the long haul. Her advice is personally tailored to you, and considers your goals, fitness and activity levels, age and lifestyle. There are no strange foods or things that are permanently off limits.  Jill walked me through weekly meal planning and food preparation, taking into account my food preferences, and suggested a weekly exercise regimen. Jill reviews your progress, tweaking your plan when needed.   Jill is accessible, knowledgeable and knows to push you when necessary, without being judgmental. 

Sandy C.

I have taken  a 40 day clean eating challenge and a 10 day reboot with Jill. I learned so much about nutrition and reading food labels that I am now an informed consumer and  mindful of how best to fuel my body. The meal plans were incredibly useful. The recipes were delicious, and many have become part of my repertoire.  If you’re interested in the science behind the food, nutrition and metabolism—Jill’s THE one!

She is a passionate, approachable coach who  delights in your success. I feel revived, clean, healthy, and strong.

David M.

Jill is great. I have been going to her weekend circuit training classes for the past year. She makes it fun, finds a way to personalize and connect with everyone even in a group class and the work out is the highlight of the week. 

Anna C.

Jill is incredibly knowledgeable in both fitness and nutrition. The food plans that she designs are well-crafted and focus on healthy eating with lots of delicious recipes. I was never left hungry or feeling deprived and my sweet tooth was always satisfied. Her daily updates tell you which foods are best to put in your body and also provides you with all the nitty gritty of the nutritional benefits. She's also hilarious, and who doesn't need a good laugh while working out, trying to lose a couple pounds, or getting your fitness goals back on track. 

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