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Your journey to better health is a completely unique one that doesn’t have to be a confusing jumble of misinformation. One-size-fits-all? Not on my watch. From personalized nutrition plans to group classes/challenges from your living room couch (technically you’ll have to get off that couch, but we can discuss that later), I provide the customized structure, education, support and accountability it takes to make you a goal-achieving superstar!

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Whether you're looking for personalized coaching or a group challenge to kickstart your nutrition goals - I've got you covered.

Diet Plan

One-On-One Coaching

Want to lose weight, improve energy levels or get some help managing a chronic condition? I am here to help! My approach is based on the latest research and is tailored to your individual needs. We will look at lifestyle factors as well as nutrition to treat your whole self, not just what's on your plate.  $250-$325/month

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Group Nutrition Challenges

Prefer to make some healthy lifestyle changes with a friend while learning all about the science behind healthy eating? Then group challenges are for you! I offer various challenges throughout the year; from my nutrition reboots to intermittent fasting to sugar detoxes, these challenges are designed to be fun, easy-to-follow and always information-packed. $75-$125 each

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Schedule a Free Consultation

Consultations are 30 minutes and held over the phone.

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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